Patton Oswalt’s Response to Twitter Troll is Brilliant and Beautiful

Today, Patton Oswalt was attacked by a man on the Internet slinging insults. Instead of lashing out, Patton took a minute to look at his profile and find out about the person behind the trolling behavior. Then, he responded. We can all learn from this response because it is exactly what the world needs more of.

Here’s how it went down. Twitter user Michael Betty posted this response to a tweet by Patton.

Patton then decided to take a look at Michael’s account and found a man who needed help.

Patton donated $2000 and got his followers to join in on the giving. In record time, Michael’s GoFundMe reached beyond his goal and the anger of his words were washed away by the tears shed in overwhelming emotion from the kind act.

Twitter witnessed a beautiful transformation firsthand today. Imagine how much more beautiful our world would be if those lashing out in hurt, anger and suffering were met with the same kindness. There’s be a lot less suicide, a lot less violence and we’d teach a lot more empathy. Thanks for the reminder Patton.

Thanks to Patton’s generosity and the kindness of his followers, Michael’s GoFundMe campaign went from a few hundred dollars to over double the goal in just a few hours. See it here, read the medical issues that caused the need and see Patton’s generous donation that sparked a movement of kindness today. Michael’s GoFundMe

I always tell my children that people who hurt others are most in need of love and compassion. It always ends up being spot on. Be kind, especially when it’s hardest.

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