Jersey Girls & Guys Unite Against Gas Tax

This is a quick little blog post to help my fellow New Jersians get their voices heard in opposition to the proposed gas tax hike being voted on now. We need to unite against this obscene tax hike and tell our representatives how we want them to vote. They do, after all, represent us, right? Well, they are supposed to at least.

Let’s not forget the reason for this tax hike. The transportation fund is depleted. Why? They do collect an abundant amount of tolls on the parkway and turnpike, which was supposed to end years ago, by the way. Well, they want more of our hard earned tax dollars because they mismanaged all the money they’ve already taken from us. Yep, the fund is broke because our representatives can’t manage money. But, they want more. Ironically, if any of us managed our households the way they manage our state, we’d be homeless. They still get a paycheck on our dime. There is a lot wrong with this. ALOT.

So, find your representatives, email and call them. Tell them #nogastax and if they don’t vote NO now, you won’t vote YES for them ever again. Click HERE to find your legislators and for links to contact them easily.

Share this post on your social media and let’s get this tax voted down.


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